Benchmark Research is where you'll find all our annual comprehensive proprietary research reports examining the status of retailers’ overall technology prowess. Our Targeted Research reports, while also created from proprietary research, hone in on specific technologies.

  • 31st Annual Retail Technology Study

    RIS’ highly anticipated benchmark research report ranks the maturity and investment plans of more than 80 different retail technologies. Find out how your tech stack holds up against the industry’s best.
  • Preparing for the Smart Store of the Future

    Find out where clever retailers are making strategic in-store investments to future proof the physical environment and ensure they make good on the promise of an experiential shopping journey.
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  • 2021 Store Experience Study

    Benchmark the current state of store IT and how the industry plans to leverage its technological prowess to not only survive, but thrive in the years to come.
  • Our interactive Special Reports delve deep into retail's most important topics today, bringing readers the freshest research and retail examples. Explore retail in-depth in a hands-on, animated, digital experience. 

  • AI's Critical Role in Powering the Retail Supply Chain 

    From demand to delivery, and after — uncover how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are reshaping the supply chain for the future of commerce in this interactive report.
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  • Changing Shopper Habits and the New Customer Experience

    Uncover the top shopper trends for 2020 and beyond in this interactive report and learn how a key group of retail leaders are scoring big wins and leading the evolution of the customer experience.
    Changing Shopper Habits and the New Customer Experience
  • Top Grocery Trends in 2020: Efficient, Focused & Tech-Driven

    Uncover the top grocery technology trends for 2020 and beyond in this interactive report and learn how key group of segment leaders are scoring big wins in the battle for customer loyalty.
    Top Grocery Trends in 2020
  • These visual depictions of striking statistics from unbiased research provide a look into top-of-mind retail topics. In addition, they include a Q&A with a retail expert to take a deeper dive into the infographic content at hand.


  • Uniting Inventory for Outstanding Customer Service

    Offering omnichannel fulfillment is key to shopper loyalty in today’s retail landscape. However, achieving this comes with the need to be able to identify inventory throughout the supply chain and route it to consumers’ many fulfillment choices.
  • Captivating the Connected Consumer Throughout the Shopper Journey

    With the dramatic increase of online sales and click-and-collect in the last year, the shopper journey is no longer linear. Learn more about this new path to purchase and how to capture and retain today’s tech-savvy consumers.
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  • Inventory Everywhere! Secrets to Predicting Demand!

    As retailers expand omnichannel options to meet shopper demand for anywhere, anyhow fulfillment, new challenges are popping up. So how can retailers avoid too many inventory transfers, out of stock notifications, and a lack of real-time visibility?
  • Roadmap Reports examine the path to implementing today's hottest retail technologies and how top retailers are doing so.  

  • Digital Transformation of Clienteling and the Contact Center

    Savvy, forward-thinking retailers are equipping their call center staff with powerful clienteling solutions to ensure every customer is provided with tailored, memorable experiences.
  • Digital Clienteling Makes Omnichannel Shopping Personal

    To stand out in a vast sea of options, retailers are using clienteling technology to connect with consumers and deliver the personalized assistance that converts shoppers into repeat buyers — even if that encounter is now conducted at a distance.
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  • Modernizing the Store Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

    Savvy retailers are discovering that it is possible to modernize existing in-store infrastructures and remain competitive for years to come – without blowing tight IT budgets.
  • Virtual Fireside Chats bring top retail experts together to talk about today's most pressing topics. 

  • Retailing Post-Coronavirus: What the New Retail Can and Should Look Like

    What is the retail future state? And how can retailers best invest to ensure they are among the winners once the health crisis is safely in the rearview?
  • Fireside Chat: Making the Most of Customer Data

    Retailers must have their finger on the pulse of the end-user and leverage big-data insights throughout the organization if they are going to compete with the industry’s leaders.
  • Virtual Fireside Chat: Retail's Grand Re-Opening

    To uncover how retailers can successfully reopen stores while continuing to make safety the number one priority, RIS hosted a virtual fireside chat with a leading authority on the in-store experience.
  • Retail Tech Spotlights shine a light on a specific retail technology. We also sit down with retail experts to learn exactly how these technologies are changing the modern retail landscape.

  • Solving Distribution Challenges During Unprecedented Demand

    The phenomenal spike in e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic brought on unplanned peaks and a rush to automation. Learn how to peak-proof the supply chain and be ready for anything.
  • Smart Integration of Automation: Using a WES to Incorporate New Technologies in Fulfillment Centers

    The supply chain is still dramatically changing and tight labor markets and increasing fulfillment speed requirements are pushing warehouse operators to explore new automation technologies. However, retailers can’t just handpick automation solutions and drop them into the distribution center. Learn how to implement automation technologies that are redefining the warehouse and helping retailers overcome labor challenges.
  • Privacy, AI, and Data: Impacting the Changing Landscape of Customer Experience

    While AI and machine learning (ML) offer retailers great leaps toward offering exceptional customer experiences, customer data lies at the heart of these operations, and protecting that data will be key as retailers implement automation and personalization strategies.
  • Content Hubs gather a mass of information into an easy to use, interactive hub. Explore deep content in a fun, digestible way. 

  • Turning Data into Currency

    Data has become as valuable a currency to thriving in retail as currency itself. Learn how Stitch Fix, Big Lots, Walgreens and others are cashing in – and how you can catch up.
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  • AWS Unleashing CX Factor

    Unleashing the X factor in customer experience post-Covid demands continually adding next-gen capabilities. Learn the secret to how Prose, lululemon, Hobbycraft and others are staying at the leading edge of CX.

    Explore how AWS Retail Competency Partners can accelerate your modernization and innovation journey across all areas in the enterprise.
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  • In our Explorer Series we examine retail technologies and their use cases throughout a series of exploratory reports.

  • Harnessing the Transformative Power of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence In Retail

    Consumers expect superior customer service, personalized assistance, immediate access to purchases, and a hassle-free experience whether shopping in-store or online. These seismic changes have forced retailers to digitally transform at a faster pace than ever before.
  • Retail 2021: AI Ushers in New Decade

    Investments in AI-powered predictive and prescriptive analytics will more than double in the next two years. Find out what’s driving the change, and more importantly, how retailers can take a smart approach to implementation.
  • Critical Considerations for Frontline Workers in Retail

    COVID-19 has accelerated the need for retailers to significantly alter and enhance their operating models, incorporating best practices and technologies that empower employees to function as high-value, knowledgeable, customer-oriented members of the team.
  • Whitepapers encompass a plethora of reports on many diverse topics from our retail expert partners.

  • Bank Partner or Fintech Partner: Which is Retailers’ BNPL Best Bet?

    Retailers have multiple choices when it comes to implementing a buy now, pay later (BNPL) program, including partnering with a bank or a fintech. Learn about the differences here.
    a person sitting in front of a laptop computer
  • Buy Now, Pay Later vs. Traditional Store Financing: A Retail Primer

    Find out if buy now, pay later is right for your retail organization, and how best to board the BNPL train.
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  • Delivering a Flexible, Frictionless BNPL Experience

    By implementing an innovative buy now, pay later solution retailers can build customer loyalty and enhance their value proposition.
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  • Our digital, downloadable E-books take a deep dive into retail's most important topics, providing a wealth of knowledge to keep abreast of the latest technologies. 

  • A Retailer is Only as Strong as its Digital Infrastructure

    Retail networks are under more pressure than ever. Here’s how savvy retailers are achieving high-performance enterprise digital infrastructure while offloading the management burden.
  • Building a Digital Blueprint of the Physical Store

    Find out how capturing data about real-time inventory availability, movement and events along the customer purchase journey helps connect the online to the offline and optimizes shopper engagement.
  • Personalizing the Shopper Journey for Memorable In-Store Experiences

    The idea of the customer experience is not new, but today’s data-driven world has put more control in consumers’ hands with heightened expectations. As such, personalization is a critical foundation for retail success and brand image.