Benchmark Research is where you'll find all our annual comprehensive proprietary research reports examining the status of retailers’ overall technology prowess. Our Targeted Research reports, while also created from proprietary research, hone in on specific technologies.

  • RIS’ 32nd Annual Retail Technology Study

    Benchmark your organization’s tech maturity against more than 80 distinct retail solutions. Discover where your peers are making significant tech investments and what you need to do to keep pace.
    RIS Retail Tech Study 2022
  • 2022 Store Experience Study

    Benchmark your store technology stack against your peers and discover the industry’s tech investment plans for today and into the future.
    Store Experience Study 2022
  • Building Customer Lifetime Value

    With competition for the hearts, minds, and wallets of today’s fickle shoppers at an all-time high, retailers must make the most of their current customers, while continuing to attract new shoppers to the brand.

Our interactive Special Reports delve deep into retail's most important topics today, bringing readers the freshest research and retail examples. Explore retail in-depth in a hands-on, animated, digital experience. 

These visual depictions of striking statistics from unbiased research provide a look into top-of-mind retail topics. In addition, they include a Q&A with a retail expert to take a deeper dive into the infographic content at hand.


Roadmap Reports examine the path to implementing today's hottest retail technologies and how top retailers are doing so.  

Virtual Fireside Chats bring top retail experts together to talk about today's most pressing topics. 

Retail Tech Spotlights shine a light on a specific retail technology. We also sit down with retail experts to learn exactly how these technologies are changing the modern retail landscape.

Content Hubs gather a mass of information into an easy to use, interactive hub. Explore deep content in a fun, digestible way. 

  • SAP Retail Survey Results 2022

    Exclusive survey results: see how leading retailers are navigating post-pandemic customer engagement.
    Retail Pulse Check
  • Salesforce Loyalty Unlimited

    Discover how to drive customer engagement and loyalty at every touchpoint.
  • Turning Data into Currency

    Data has become as valuable a currency to thriving in retail as currency itself. Learn how Stitch Fix, Big Lots, Walgreens and others are cashing in – and how you can catch up.
    diagram, text

In our Explorer Series we examine retail technologies and their use cases throughout a series of exploratory reports.

Whitepapers encompass a plethora of reports on many diverse topics from our retail expert partners.

Our digital, downloadable E-books take a deep dive into retail's most important topics, providing a wealth of knowledge to keep abreast of the latest technologies.