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Retail and Consumer Goods Tech Jobs of the Future

Liz Dominguez
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jobs of the future
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We don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s clear that workforce trends are shifting rapidly, transforming even in just the last two or three years as a result of a pandemic that forced companies to innovate with speed and agility — and with tech as the backbone. 

Trends come and go. While many IT-focused job titles are likely here to stay, such as chief digital and strategy officers, others will likely fade into the background as new roles emerge.

Sister brand CGT parsed through a wealth of workforce trends and leadership announcements from the last year, and spoke with a number of industry experts, to formulate a list of job titles we see emerging in the future. Some may sound familiar to roles already within your organization and some may be completely new — and maybe even a little bit out there! While we leave some room for interpretation, our talent forecast highlights key areas of opportunity for the consumer goods and retail industry at large.

1. Digital Disruption Manager

Job Description: A potential new contender, CGT believes that employees will play a more active role in predicting the future needs of their companies, as well as assessing incoming threats and opportunities for disruption from competitors. Leveraging algorithms that can analytically forecast future market and consumer shifts, the digital disruption manager will be tasked with staying abreast of any and all innovations across the field, leveraging these insights to create new products and introduce new opportunities.

Disruptions lasting a month or longer now occur every 3.7 years on average, according to McKinsey & Company, which estimates the cumulative cost to consumer goods companies equating to one-third of a year’s earnings every decade. While companies can handle short surges in demand, the firm notes, they are quite vulnerable to major shocks. 

The takeaway? It doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared.

To view the full list, check out this comprehensive article from Consumer Goods Technology. 

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