Retail Tech Con 2016

  • Canadian Tire is Redefining Digital Retail

    Canadian Tire continues to push the boundaries of the digital store with over one thousand screens in its brick-and-mortar locations, turning shoppers into buyers. See how the retailer's commitment to digital innovation is redefining the shopping experience.
  • The New Retail Experience: Hear From the Experts

    At RetailTechCon 2016, RIS' Editorial Advisory Board members will discuss the impact of emerging disruptive trends like personalization, predictive analytics, location-based marketing, mobile payment technology and more in a spirited panel discussion.
  • Insider's Look at the 26th Annual Tech Trends Study

    At RetailTechCon 2016, editorial director Joe Skorupa and Gartner research director Robert Hetu will take the stage to premier the 26th Annual Retail Technology Study. You don't want to miss the expert analysis from the men behind the numbers in this must-attend session.
  • Disney's Wonderful World of Retail Innovation

    At RetailTechCon 2016, Robert Krohn, director, merchandise information systems, Walt Disney Company will discuss the ongoing innovations that make it possible for Disney to successfully operate nearly 300 stores in 40 square miles.
  • Retail 2020: Separating Fact from Fiction

    Retail will change more in the next five years than in the last 50. It's not just about digital commerce or technology; it's about meeting changing expectations. At RetailTechCon 2016, Randy Cucerzan, senior director IT, Genesco Inc. will discuss what retailers can do now to prepare for tomorrow.
  • Customers: Your One True Channel

    At RetailTechCon 2016, Peter Gold, chief digital marketing officer, marketamerica|SHOP.COM, will discuss how the retailer is crafting and delivering a personalized shopping experience focused solely on the customer.
  • Superior Customer Journeys Build Lasting Customer Engagement

    Retailers have been using in-store and online methods to provide personalized service to customers for years, but the tools and techniques are quickly evolving. At RetailTechCon 2016, Amit Bhardwaj, senior director, customer loyalty, Marsh Supermarkets will explore how developing superior customer journeys are critical to building loyalty and long-term organizational health.
  • The Website as the Hub of the Brand

    Many retailers have more traffic to their websites than all of their stores combined, which means the majority of brand touches happen online. At RetailTechCon 2016, Kevin Ertell, senior vice president, digital, Sur La Table will discuss how retailers can make their websites truly a hub for the brand with multiple spokes supporting different brand values.
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