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RIS Is Turning the Page

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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The retail industry is building toward a digital-first future, and RIS is following suit. The March print issue will be our last.

But fear not, all of the leading content RIS has provided the industry with for decades will continue to be available right here on our award-winning website.

By switching to a digital-only concept we can provide our readers with the insights and news they crave in a dynamic, cutting-edge platform that enables a level of engagement unattainable in a traditional print product.

Our responsive, mobile-ready, digital platform allows us to enhance the content you have come to expect from us with interactive graphics, videos, links, webcasts and more —― taking the RIS experience to the next level.

The majority of our print readers are already loyal readers of RIS’ digital offerings. But, if you don’t already receive our three-times a week e-newsletter, now is the perfect opportunity to sign up and stay up-to-date on everything happening in retail technology. 

Since March is our last traditional print magazine, we decided to go out with a bang. This issue features an inside look at Loblaw’s new artificial intelligence platform and how it is helping the IT team save countless hours on maintenance and monitoring. The intelligent platform is freeing the team up to focus its efforts on building and deploying the differentiated digital experiences shoppers crave and helping it stay on top of the competitive Canadian grocery market.

In addition, the March issue contains our 29th annual Retail Technology Study. This benchmark research study is an industry institution, and examines the trends that will define the industry this year and beyond. What sets the study apart from the numerous other research projects tackling the current state of retail is its focus on ongoing and future retailer investment. We polled the who’s who of the industry to uncover the technologies the smart money is betting on today to ensure a profitable tomorrow.

The future is bright for both the industry and RIS. While embracing a digital-only concept is certainly an end of an era for us, it opens up new doors for exploration and engagement. As always we encourage you, our loyal readers, to provide us feedback on our new approach. We made this change with you in mind, we’re sure you will like it.

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