RLM Simplifies Amazon Drop-Ship Capabilities


RLM Apparel Software responded to increased client demand for streamlining its integration with Amazon drop shipping by expanding the automated processes designed to make it easier and faster to fulfill B2C orders.

RLM's EDI offers drop ship connectivity with Amazon. Manual processes on a separate portal outside of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be a daily challenge when multiple Amazon direct-to-consumer orders must be fulfilled. RLM’s automated integration process with Amazon will help resolve manual inefficiencies and speed up the pace of work so that product fulfillment on Amazon is easy and efficient.

Detailed below are Amazon drop ship features that RLM Apparel Software supports. Each software solution revolutionizes daily fulfillment with automatic processes, while email notifications provide updated information throughout every step. 

EDI 850

RLM's automatic retrieval of Amazon orders are turned into pick tickets to the warehouse to initiate the fulfillment process. 

Email notifications

As orders are downloaded and processed in RLM, users will receive emails with order and shipping updates. 

Fill or kill Amazon Ppolicy EDI 855

RLM will transmit an 855 to Amazon to adhere to its "fill or kill" policy. This notifies Amazon of confirmation that the order will be fulfilled, or cancellation of the order due to lack of inventory. Using RLM EDI, Amazon will create a new PO to RLM for the items within inventory. 

UPS, Fedex and small parcel shipping integration

RLM’s WMS Express and Enhanced will connect to your small parcel shipping service and adhere to the needs of your B2C Amazon orders. Customer address information is automatically fed into our small parcel shipping software such as UPS WorldShip or FedEx from the RLM packing module. This automatically generates a label, retrieves a tracking number, and opens a pick up request with the small parcel shipping service. 

  •     EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice: Shipping from the warehouse triggers RLM to generate an ASN to Amazon with tracking number information and carton details so they can notify the customer of the shipped order. 
  •     EDI 810 Invoice: RLM also automatically transmits an 810 EDI invoice to Amazon so that the merchant can receive payment. 
  •     Inventory Feed to Amazon: RLM will indicate items that are available for drop shipping and will then transmit inventory availability to Amazon.
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