Rural King Invites Product Submissions

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Senior Editor
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Rural King has announced a partnership with RangeMe to streamline product discovery efforts and introduce innovation to their shelves.

As America's Farm and Home Store providing general merchandise and essentials to the communities it serves, Rural King is committed to bringing a fresh and innovative variety of products that will best meet its consumers' needs. And, for the first time in the company's history, the retailer is inviting brands to submit products for consideration in Rural King stores. Between May 11 and May 25, Rural King will be accepting submissions from interested vendors via RangeMe. Brands and suppliers who make it through the initial round will be invited to attend an in-person meeting with the retailer on July 30 at their Road Ahead event.

"Rural King has a devoted clientele, and we are thrilled to partner with them and provide them access to products that will resonate with their shoppers," says Nicky Jackson, CEO and founder of RangeMe. "RangeMe's diverse supplier base overflows with brands that will bring unique qualities, tastes, flavors, and more to Rural Kings' shelves."

Rural King will easily discover products that will enhance the broad range of products available to their consumers, including essential goods, food, feed, seed, and other farm and home products. With more than 175,000 suppliers, RangeMe provides an array of brands and products to put down roots in any one of Rural King's 100 stores across 13 states.

Brands and entrepreneurs interested in working with the retailer can visit