Shapely Shadow offers Venice High School Students an Opportunity to Learn about Technology and the Apparel Industry

(VENICE, CA, MARCH 9, 2009) The generation of students in college, just out of or heading there soon, is causing big changes for the future as companies welcome young people long immersed in technology. Experts say those in their teens and early 20s are so very different than their parents that students are coming to school with iPods, computer notebooks, cell phones, PDAs and everything you can imagine. These kids don't know what life was like before chips, bytes and dot-coms.

Shapely Shadow is utilizing this talent by hiring Venice High School students for technology testing. They are giving students from the Bilingual Business and Finance Academy the chance to get their hands on ways to embrace technology and understand how the global Apparel business works.

In order to be eligible for entrances into BBFA, students must express a desire to make a difference in their educational experience and go beyond the basic high school graduation requirements. These are the motivated students Shapely Shadow interviewed and hired to commence testing.

"The interesting part about our world now is there are 3 types of people: 1. Are people that are just learning computers 2. People who grew up learning during the evolution of computers and 3. Students like these who canÃ.‚¬™t imagine how we lived without iPods and cell phones. The third group are exactly the market of thinkers we get the benefit of working with from Venice High School. All of the students have MySpace accounts and all students live on the Web." says Roxy Starr, CTO, Shapely Shadow.

In November, Shapely Shadow announced the launch of a web-based product that allows visibility of a fitting from anywhere, anytime in a timeline that keeps with the respective work hours. With all collaboration in one central location, enhances communications with the bonus of accelerating cycle times. " is described as the marriage between a social network and digital asset management system" says Starr, "The concept of static information is changing and transforming into knowledge flow. It made sense to look for young talent and technology savvy students to help us test while sharing our knowledge."

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