Shopper Tracking: Reinventing and Reimagining the Store Experience


Savvy retailers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to better understand their customers so they can reinvent their approach to retail in an omnichannel world. One rich trove of new data is coming from a previously data-dark place: the store floor.

Innovations in cameras, sensors, RFID, mobile, edge computing and networking technologies are giving retailers new insight into how customers, associates and merchandise move inside the store. Retailers can blend these with other data sources and apply advanced analytics to drive both strategic planning and real-time decision-making. As a result, retailers can better understand who is entering their stores, the places they go, where they spend time, where they seem to get frustrated, where bottlenecks form, and what they look at, try on and ultimately buy. This can shape decisions such as store location and layout, staffing, merchandising, marketing and more, and even help measure return on investment on store experience initiatives.

As the lines increasingly blur across channels, this data can support strategies to serve the customer as they seamlessly weave digital, mobile, call center, stores and other channels through their purchase journeys.

Retailers’ enthusiasm for in-store data collection is clear. In-store video analytics and beacons/sensors lead the list of store transformation technologies retailers have deployed or plan to deploy over the next two years.

Making the most of in-store data means approaching it strategically. Follow this four-step roadmap below to ensure you’re deploying the right technologies to meet enterprise goals.

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