ShopperTrak Web Portal Enables Custom Retail Apps

In a move to dramatically increase accessibility and uses for retail people-counting analytics, ShopperTrak introduced a new web portal that helps retailers develop custom web applications to improve their sales, marketing effectiveness and store operations.

ShopperTrak — a provider of retail and mall people-counting services, measuring foot traffic in more than 40,000 locations globally — is the first people-counting company to offer such a web portal.

Called the "ShopperTrak Developer Zone," the web portal offers application programming interfaces (API) that enable software developers to create customized applications based on secure ShopperTrak data. Developers can build mobile and web-based applications to give retailers — from the store manager to the CEO — secure and on-demand business insights. With easy, programmatic access to foot traffic data, developers can create applications to assess store performance and offer strategic adjustments for advertising, operational and workforce management on an hourly and daily basis.

Developers seeking to take advantage of the ShopperTrak Developer Zone can sign up at

"The ShopperTrak Developer Zone helps retailers use data in new ways to improve their business," said ShopperTrak chief marketing officer Ed Marcheselli. "The Developer Zone offers retailers and web developers unlimited potential for creating applications that use ShopperTrak analytics – combined with retailers' internal data – to ultimately increase their bottom line."

Applications give retailers faster access to foot-traffic data. ShopperTrak encourages developers to create their own custom applications based on two APIs currently available in the Developer Zone.

The In-Store Flash Traffic API allows retailers access to in-store foot traffic counts every 15 minutes and can be merged with other in-store data sources, including the point of sale transaction log and staffing information. With real-time foot traffic counts, store managers can make timely adjustments to improve in-store performance.

The Enterprise Daily Traffic API allows retailers to review individual stores' foot traffic counts from the previous day. According to ShopperTrak, using this API for mobile applications will be especially useful to retail field managers who are often traveling between stores.

Information resource for developers
Developers can also find information and support in their application creation process on the Developer Zone portal. Registered developers have access to the full API specifications, example code and the ability to ask and answer questions in community forums.

Membership to the ShopperTrak Developer Zone is free and all developers are encouraged to use the information and downloads available there, as well as participate in the Developer Zone community. Confidential store-specific ShopperTrak data, however, is only available to ShopperTrak customers.