Streamlining the Store to Simplify Shopping

It’s time to relaunch the KISS philosophy to help re-imagine the next-generation store. In the new iteration of KISS it should stand for Keep It Simple and Streamlined and be applied to stores to help them become more convenient and easier to shop. Just as importantly, KISS should also enable stores to become more productive, efficient and profitable.

These are highly relevant topics because they address concerns about the viability of brick-and-mortar stores today, which are showing signs of strain in an era of record closings and bankruptcies. KISS also taps into retailer efforts to cope with a tight labor market, which increases employee turnover and drives up costs for human resources management.

    Half of Retailers Deploy Self-Service Checkout

    20% of retailers deploy self-service checkout in a majority of stores to make shopping more convenient while 32% deploy them in at least some stores.

    Half of Retailers Will Add Self-Service Checkout in 2 Years

    38% of retailers plan to either add or increase self-service checkout in stores in the next 12 months and 14% plan a deployment in the next 24 months.

    Customer Service and Satisfaction Are Top Benefits

    76% of retailers believe customer service and satisfaction are the top benefits delivered through deployment of self-service technologies in stores

In this environment, self-service technologies and capabilities have moved to the forefront of store upgrade plans and redesigns. Today, the most successful stores are striking a balance between full-service functions and self-service options. Where this line falls will differ for each retail segment and customer base, but there is no doubt the balance has shifted toward increasing self-service capabilities.