Sutherland Global Services Offering Chat Bots

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Too often, customers are treated as different people when shopping either online or offline, leading to a fragmented customer experience and loss in wallet share. To help retailers provide their customers an integrated off‐ and online shopping experience, Sutherland Global Services  is offering  intelligent retail solutions – including artificial intelligence (AI) chat bots, customer experience optimization, big data, predictive analytics, and automation – providing customers an integrated shopping experience, building customer loyalty and growing revenue. Sutherland bolstered its top‐notch analytics earlier this year after acquiring Nuevora, a top 10 big data analytics firm.

The AI bots will automate customer service and create a live interaction using Facebook Messenger and online chat experiences. The chat bots act as virtual assistants that are conversational, remembering identities and preferences, understanding context and driving processes by using analytics from a customer’s interactions in stores, online, through social media or on the phone.

Sutherland’s technologies also include real‐time analytics using real customer data applied to digital customer care, as well as design thinking and journey mapping.

“People will not believe they are chatting with an AI bot, but when you integrate the data and improve the communications experience, that helps transform customer care from a significant expense to a revenue‐generating part of the business,” said Howard Cohn, Sutherland’s SVP, Retail.

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