Tap, Swipe, Learn, Shop

Store technology must create a unique, immersive customer experience that is also seamlessly integrated with other customer touchpoints. The use of in-store interactive displays can engage, educate and guide customers through the sales process, allowing for an online shopping experience in the store environment. Consumers shopping behavior can be greatly influenced by digital signage and its ability to inform customers about a product. Companies such as MultiTouch, Elo Touch Solutions, Perch Interactive and 3M are enhancing displays with hybrid tracking, single-touch or multi-touch capabilities, projection, palm rejection and more.
Hybrid Digital Displays
MultiTouch offers the MultiTaction, an interactive display that is integrated with Hybrid Tracking. The device includes optical multi-touch technology that is immune to external lighting conditions. Hybrid Tracking captures the shadows from external infrared light and combines the information with the reflections that are recognized by the infrared sensors through the LCD display. The display seizes the light emitted by external sources, eliminating interference caused by ambient light.

All-in-One Experience
Elo Touch Solutions’ all-in-one (AiO) touch computer is designed to help retailers accelerate transaction efficiency and enhance the consumer POS experience. Featuring AccuTouch (single-touch resistive), IntelliTouch (single-touch surface acoustic wave), or iTouch Plus (multi-touch zero-bezel surface acoustic wave), the devices can fit multiple design, lighting and deployment scenarios.

Touchscreen Projection
Perch Interactive updates the in-store shopping experience with interactive display on a wooden table. The device uses light and sensors to activate and project digital content onto a retail display table. Digital content is activated when a shopper picks up a display item. As the shopper feels and investigates the product they can access information, social media and images through the display.

Multi-User Interactivity
3M Multi-Touch chassis displays combine Projected Capacitive Touch technology with a high-definition LCD. Featuring 20-finger touch response with palm rejection, the displays enable multi-user interaction for collaborative and interactive applications.