Is This a Tech Company or a Tee Company?

RushOrderTees got its start in 2002, selling screenprinted t-shirts out of a garage. The company's focus was on learning the process from the ground up in order to determine how it could improve the customer experience when ordering custom apparel.

Its founders had no idea that their business would transform the industry, says COO Rob Levin. Today, RushOrderTees offers a wide range of customized product to customers from single shirts for individuals to Fortune 500 companies, with some of the fastest turnaround times available anywhere, he says.

"Our mission is to create custom apparel that enables each customer's message to reach a wider, more engaged audience. We work every day to democratize the custom printing process and leverage technology to make it easy for anyone to promote their cause, community or brand," he says.

Levin says RushOrderTees got its start by being the company that took all of the orders that no other custom-print companies could or would take. These were small orders, or those that required fast turnaround, or had complicated requirements, he says. "The DNA of the business is 'Just say yes.'"

Since then, he explains, the company has become the "go-to" apparel printer for customers who are looking for not just the fastest time to completion, but also the best quality. In just the past three years, RushOrderTees has filled more than 150,000 orders and printed more than 6 million pieces of apparel. It has focused on development to perfect its processes, so much so that Mike Nemeroff, founder and CEO, refers to RushOrderTees as "a technology company that happens to produce custom apparel."

Nemeroff says the company was one of the first in the industry to offer an online design studio, and remains one of the leaders when it comes to enabling a comprehensive mobile experience to customers.

The design studio has been a "constantly evolving labor of love," says Levin. After years of feedback, testing, and tens of thousands of developer hours, what started as a very basic Flash application has grown to its current iteration, he explains.

The company has worked diligently to achieve a fine balance in the design studio — easy enough for the average user to be able to create what they want, but powerful enough for graphic artists to get the exacting detail they need. That's crucial, because its customers range from an individual student creating a single piece for himself, to some of the largest and most demanding customers in the world, says Levin. "Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to make their own custom apparel online."
— Jordan K. Speer

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