These Companies Are Creating an Augmented Reality Consumer Experience

Bold Metrics, creator of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology for predicting human body measurements, and Morph 3D, creator of the leading avatar platform and character management system for virtual, augmented and mixed realities, is forming a new partnership to create true-to-life avatars for the world's first augmented reality (AR) consumer experience. Bold Metrics and Morph 3D are showcasing the new technology this week at Shoptalk 2017.

"Together with Morph 3D, we are demonstrating the future of commerce and product design," said Morgan Linton, co-founder and COO, Bold Metrics. "Until VR and AR technology is in our homes, the technology will primarily be accessible in brick-and-mortar stores. Brick-and-mortar retail has suffered as Amazon continues to grow. Consumers today need a reason beyond shopping to visit a physical store. This technology creates an exciting immersive in-store experience for shoppers to experience AR – most for the first time – interact with holographic products, and experience a brand in an entirely new way."

Having a true-to-life avatar is becoming increasingly important to bridge the gap in making AR/VR a closer depiction of the physical world, and most organizations do not have the capabilities to build sophisticated 3D human models for VR and AR applications. As immersive shopping continues to evolve into an interactive AR/VR experience, Morph 3D's technology and Bold Metrics' machine learning algorithms allow shoppers to instantly create true-to-life avatars and experience any product relative to the human body, such as clothes, furniture, sporting goods and automobiles.

By answering a few simple questions, none of which require a measuring tape, the Bold Metrics algorithm accurately maps the consumer's detailed body measurement predictions to its avatar as well as how the avatar relates to products in the physical space. Morph 3D then utilizes the Bold Metrics technology to generate realistic avatars, breaking down technology hurdles and eliminating the need to take physical measurements or use an expensive, manual 3D body scan.

With their customized avatars, consumers will be able to experience products and services in the virtual world in an entirely new way. Additionally, through this partnership, consumers gain the ability to have their avatar evolve as their body changes. For example, if a consumer begins a fitness journey and his size changes, he can simply update his inputs and Bold Metrics and Morph 3D technology will adapt the avatar to reflect the transformation.

"People are developing a strong connection with their online avatars as part of their personal identity," said Berk Frei, vice president of strategy and innovation, Morph 3D. "At Morph 3D, we are looking to work with the best technologies to make sure our avatars are not only robust in their capabilities, but also accessible to the consumer. With Bold Metrics, we are democratizing this process by enabling all consumers to generate a personalized avatar to enrich their online shopping experiences."