Top 10 Retailers at Risk to Amazon Showrooming

Showrooming threatens the future of stores and retailers are feeling the pressure to increase customer service and improve the shopping experience. The best way to do this is by taking a customer-centric view of the store and stand ground in the showrooming war.
This year Best Buy and Target have waged war on Amazon with the announcement of permanent Amazon price matching policies to help combat showrooming. According to a Placed. survey, "Showroomers are 20% more likely to visit Best buy than an average consumer and 15% more likely to visit Target. Walmart, which currently does not price match Amazon, was the relative "safest" of the three retailers with showroomers 10% less likely to visit Walmart compared to Target and 15% less likely compared to Best Buy."
While Best Buy and Target are often associated with showrooming, there are other retailers that face just as strong, if not a stronger threat of showrooming. In the survey, Bed Bath & Beyond ranked as the most at risk retailer with showroomers 27% more likely to visit the home good retailer. The top five at risk retailers were rounded out by PetSmart (25%), Toys "R" Us (21%), Best Buy (20%) and Sears (19%).
Following is the complete list of the Top 10 retailers most at-risk to Amazon showrooming as indexed by Placed.:
Top 10 Amazon Showrooming – Retailer Risk Index (Have you purchased an item on after looking at the same item in a physical retail store?; an Index of 100 = average representation)
Bed Bath & Beyond         127
PetSmart                             125
Toys "R" Us                         121
Best Buy                              120
Sears                                     119
Barnes & Noble                                118
Kohl's                                    117
Target                                   115
Costco Wholesale            114
JCPenney                            114
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