Tractor Supply Reinvents Loyalty Program

Tractor Supply Company has updated its Neighbor’s Club loyalty program in response to customer feedback. Learn what 20 million members will have access to now.
Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Tractor Supply Company has launched the update to its Neighbor’s Club loyalty program in response to customer feedback.

With over 20 million existing Neighbor’s Club members, the new program provides members points for their purchases and membership levels based on their annual spending. The retailer revealed plans for the upgrade during its last earnings call. The company exited 2020 with nearly 19 million Neighbor's Club members representing approximately 60% of total sales.

“At Tractor Supply, we support a lifestyle and our customers are the heart of our business,” said SVP, marketing, Christi Korzekwa. “We constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to provide them with the best possible experience. The significant upgrade in our Neighbor’s Club loyalty program is just one of the ways we can do that. We are excited to offer points and exclusive benefits that are meaningful to customers who live the Out Here lifestyle. These new features will allow us to continue to grow the program and thank our most loyal customers while welcoming in those who are new to Tractor Supply.”

All membership levels of Neighbor’s Club will now earn points for every dollar spent, with members of higher tiers earning points more quickly. Member’s points can be used to earn dollars off merchandise or purchase services such as pet washes. The move plays into Tractor Supply’s intentions to grow its standing as a pet resource. Efforts include expanding its self-serve Pet Wash locations across 150 to 200 stores and the build-out of 50 to 75 additional pet wellness centers.

In addition, TSC Personal Credit Cardholders will automatically receive Preferred Plus Neighbor status and earn five points per dollar spent when purchasing with their card.

In addition to earning points, the retailer will award benefits to each membership level. Neighbor level will get a Birthday gift, exclusive offers and receipt-free returns. Preferred Neighbor will earn more points for every dollar spent, 1.5, and also get free same-day delivery and a full-day trailer rental, once each quarter. The highest level member, Preferred Plus Neighbor, will earn 2 points per dollar spent, as well as a full-day trailer rental, twice each quarter.

To kick off the new program, Tractor Supply will host a virtual concert experience in May for all Neighbor’s Club members. The intimate, live-streamed event, featuring a top entertainer to be announced at a later date, is just one of many “members only” benefits offered to Tractor Supply’s most loyal customers.

Current members of Neighbor’s Club will automatically be enrolled in the enhanced program. Membership levels will be based on cardholder status or annual spending, with points being awarded with purchases as of April 1. Non-members can join Neighbor’s Club for free by signing up in store, online or through the Tractor Supply mobile app. Members can check their member level and point balance by signing in online or with the app.


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