A collection of RIS News' retail Inforgraphics, which provide an illustrated look into top retail technology subjects. 

A collection of RIS News' retail Inforgraphics, which provide an illustrated look into top retail technology subjects. 


  • Inventory Everywhere! Secrets to Predicting Demand!

    As retailers expand omnichannel options to meet shopper demand for anywhere, anyhow fulfillment, new challenges are popping up. So how can retailers avoid too many inventory transfers, out of stock notifications, and a lack of real-time visibility?
  • Pivoting Requires Flexibility: How to Get There Without Replacing All of Your IT

    Consumer shopping trends are pressing convenience stores to pivot, but many operators have experienced roadblocks in adding modern services. Uncover how tech solutions can provide the flexibility needed to overcome legacy store IT infrastructure without ripping out current systems.
  • Building Trust and Loyalty at the Store

    Building a loyal customer base by delivering product in a safe way has never been more important. Learn why relaying real-time information to consumers at the store level is imperative to running today’s retail shop and where that information is most valuable.
  • Prepared to Pivot: Establishing Infrastructure for Retail’s Ever-Changing Future

    A fast-evolving market is forcing retailers to accelerate their transition to fully digitized stores. But smart tech innovations put a lot of demands on the network. Find out which elements of a strong digital infrastructure are especially important to ensure these technologies deliver a great customer experience. Agile, digitally enabled retailers rely on key store technologies to quickly adapt to change. Here are the must-have capabilities to ensure your digital infrastructure is up to the task.
  • Challenges of the Convenience Store

    The U.S. convenience store industry brought in more than $648 billion in sales last year.
  • Harnessing Analytics to Maximize Profits

    In today’s retail environment, everyday analytics can provide retailers the winning edge needed to grow sales and scale the retail enterprise.
  • Mastering Digital Grocery Demand With Algorithms

    Digital grocery demand is surging and grocery retailers must tackle this monumental shift in consumer behavior now to keep up with peaks and improve margins. Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can make all the difference and help grocers master their e-commerce grocery strategy.
  • How the Right Managed SD-WAN Delivers the Agility, Flexibility, and Security Needed Now

    Faced with the need to support critical technologies and personalized service, how can retailers keep everything running everyday no matter the size of their staff?
  • The Connected Consumer

    Shopper habits were already rapidly evolving with the developments of e-commerce, frictionless commerce, and sustainability concerns. Then, in the face of COVID-19 pandemic, the speed of change has been unlike anything seen before.
  • Three Key Imperatives for Enhanced Endpoint Resilience

    Point-of-Fail: How Store Systems Could Be Your Weakest Security Link
  • EMV Key Deadlines

    Retailers that sell fuel face two critical, fast-approaching deadlines to upgrade their technology, and the available resources to meet them are in short supply. But the smart ones aren’t just complying with these requirements: They’re leveraging the changes to take their networks to the next level and drive their businesses forward. Find out how.
  • Making the “Net” Work for the Store of the Future

    Data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, and voice commerce are shaping the store of the future. Yet these next-gen retail experiences aren’t possible without a powerful network keeping you connected to the cloud.

A collection of RIS News' retail Inforgraphics, which provide an illustrated look into top retail technology subjects.