Twitter Contest Brings New Level of Excitement to Engage! 2015

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Twitter Contest Brings New Level of Excitement to Engage! 2015

By Tim Denman - 09/15/2015
To keep pace with the competition retailers need to be present everywhere, including the increasingly important social media channel. To truly make social media campaigns work, however, retailers need to do more than just post to their various accounts, they need to engage with influencers who have the power to move the needle.

To highlight the impact engaging with social influencers and turning them into brand champions can have, RIS News staged a highly competitive Twitter contest at its Engage! 2015 event.

Engage! was held September 9-11 at the Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The contest, which was run by Connected Action consulting group, analyzed each Tweet sent before and during the event with hashtag #2015engage. Tweeters are scored not just on the volume of their Tweets, re-Tweets, favorites and comments — but their influence.

The entire social media graph for the event is below, and a deeper dive into the results is available here.

The most influential Tweeter, excluding RIS staff, for the event and the "Mayor" of Engage! 2015 was Ricardo Belmar, director, product marketing and product management at Hughes, @ricardo_belmar. Ricardo is a two-time champion having taking the Mayor title at the Retail Executive Summit back in June. Congratulations to Ricardo on a well-deserved victory.

The Final Rankings

How the Ranking System Works
The ranking system is based on the network metric called "betweenness centrality" — a measure of how "central" someone is within a web of relationships.

For each map and report a collection of tweets that all share a common keyword — in this case #2015engage — is analyzed and connections are created whenever one person says the name of another person.

The resulting collection of connections is analyzed using network methods to find the people who sit closest to the center of the network.

Some top Tweets Posted During the Event