Two Thirds of eBags’ Mobile App Traffic Driven by Flash Sales

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Over the past two years, eBags’ traffic and sales have dramatically increased thanks to continued investment in the user experience and site speed.

A key component of the online pure-play’s success is its ability to personalize the experience for shoppers with tailored offers and alerts designed to build long-term engagement. Its personalized marketing efforts are paying huge dividends, with approximately 2/3 of its mobile app traffic driven by flash sales.

“Flash sales have been a huge part of our growth and success,” said Mike Frazzini, CTO, eBags. “We have enhanced technology, particularly around mobile features for Steal of the Day. We started last year with our mobile app to allow custom filters and alerts. And we just rolled out browser notification features. Flash sales have been great.”

As flash sales and tailored promotions continue to drive traffic to the site, Frazzini and his team are ramping up eBags’ mobile capabilities. Under CEO Mike Edwards’ leadership the online retailer has embraced a mobile-first strategy and investing time, money and manpower to supercharge its mobile experience and infrastructure.  

According to Frazzini around 70% to 80% of his team’s time is dedicated to enhancing the mobile web experience with a focus on user experience and speed. The other 20% to 30% of the time the technology team is working on improving the retailer’s mobile app, IoT, chatbot technology, voice-based search and other cutting-edge initiatives.

eBags is in the midst of its hectic back-to-school season but continues to develop and deploy new features and capabilities that are helping redefine its mobile experience.

“For back to school specifically we are really focused on performance and speed,” Frazzini said. “We know busy moms and families are going to be using mobile more for back to school and we want to make sure the site is performing well.”

A key part of the shopping experience is checkout. No matter how feature rich and engaging the path to purchase is, if the final leg is burdensome customers are likely to abandon their carts. eBags has greatly enhanced its checkout process, cutting the number of pages at checkout from eight to one. “To get the checkout experience down to one page we implemented autofill technology,” Frazzini says. “We have deployed Google places, automated payment methods, and mobile wallets to take as much friction out of the experience as possible.”

All shoppers need to do is enter the first few numbers of their address and thanks to the innovative technology that has been embedded into the site the rest of their information will autofill.

In addition, for the back-to-school season the retailer has revamped its product detail and ratings pages. eBags has over 3.5 million product reviews filed in its database and needs to be able to quickly display the most relevant reviews without slowing the site down to a crawl. The retailer is building out ways to lazy fill the reviews ― with only a snippet displayed until the user clicks on it to expand.

The tech team is also hard at work developing the back-end infrastructure to match its front-end shine. eBags is upgrading is fulfillment capabilities to ensure every order is delivered in two to three days. The brand is building out its second fulfillment center, which will allow it to deliver to 80% of the country in two days.

As the team develops the new review/ratings solution and back-end fulfillment prowess, it is simultaneously preparing for the holiday shopping season. For holiday 2017, eBags is focusing its efforts on a new gifting and exchange solution, which should make gift giving even easier for shoppers.

“We are testing a partnership with a company that is going to help improve the gifting experience,” said Frazzini. “It will allow for the seamless exchange of a gift online. If a customer gives a bag as a gift, the recipient can change the color or the model, or buy something completely different. There is also a neat feature were gift recipients can virtually unwrap a gift via their mobile device.”

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