UNTUCKit’s Senior Director of Omnichannel Talks Mobile POS and Intuitive Workforce Technologies

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Kaitlin Gottlieb is Sr. Director of Omnichannel at UNTUCKit

Many digitally-native, direct-to-consumer companies are now embracing brick-and-mortar as a way to reinvigorate sales and connect with customers on a different level. UNTUCKit started life online over a decade ago, but stores – and omnichannel – were always part of the long-term plan.

Having built a reputation for offering a seamless online shopping experience, the UNTUCKit team was eager to replicate the shopper journey as much as possible in stores as well. To achieve this goal, UNTUCKit needed to assemble a robust tech stack that could help scale the business and facilitate swift growth across multiple channels. 

In this conversation with RIS News, Kaitlin Gottlieb, UNTUCKit’s senior director of omnichannel, outlines how the retailer’s partnership with NewStore has allowed the company to empower retail associates, streamline back-end processes, and gain greater visibility into order and inventory management. 

While Gottlieb joined UNTUCKit after the partnership was established, she was heavily involved in the implementation and familiar with the challenges the brand had faced before she came on board.

“Initially, we partnered with another mobile POS vendor, but the technology wasn’t robust or flexible enough to meet our needs,” Gottlieb shares. By switching to their current mobile POS and platform, Gottlieb says, the UNTUCKit team was able to “create a central source of truth for all our inventory, order, and customer data – which was by far the biggest hurdle we had to overcome.”

In terms of benefits, Gottlieb praises the ease and intuitiveness of use. The platform not only boosts store associates' productivity, but also equips them with inventory information, size and color preferences, past orders, and preferred locations across all stores and distribution centers. This ultimately empowers reps to offer a better customer experience.

“Suppose a customer comes in looking for a product in a specific fabric or colorway that’s unavailable,” Gottlieb explains. “In that case, an associate can easily sell them the desired item from another location and ship it on the spot – all in one simple flow. In fact, we’ve seen almost 20% of all orders come from this type of transaction.”

During the pandemic, UNTUCKit was able to lean on its investment and witness the benefits, switching on new platform features such as clienteling, remote selling, and buy online ship-from-store. While the UNTUCKit team had been planning to roll out these capabilities at some point, the pandemic accelerated adoption, and this particular solution allowed them to get off the ground quickly, Gottlieb says. 

“That said, one of the main things we are seeing now is a lot of the habits consumers picked up during the pandemic are here for good,” Gottlieb shares. “Our customers got used to shopping a certain way, and they want to hold onto those experiences. For example, clienteling and remote selling have become a staple of our business – even after shoppers started returning to stores."

"With NewStore’s solution, we’ve been able to drive millions of dollars in additional revenue and increase store sales by more than 18%. At the end of the day, consumers want flexibility, so it’s up to us to meet our customers when and where they want to shop. But we also need to ensure those experiences are secure and feel authentic to the brand,” Gottlieb added.

Looking ahead, Gottlieb is excited about how the platform will continue making store associates’ lives easier as more features are added.

“We’ll improve existing capabilities and add new ones, like product recommendations, wish lists, and real-time reviews," adding that the platform is also helping them to integrate more functionality from account features, enabling even deeper personalization. 

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