Walgreens Beefs Up Retail Media Capabilities

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Walgreens is adding new ways for brands to connect with consumers.  

The new capabilities building on its recently launched Walgreens Advertising Group (wag), which leverages its vast collection of first-party data to tailor and personalize their promotions. The retailer now made OTT and CTV inventory accessible through its wagDSP proprietary programmatic buying technology, integrating customer and transaction data with dynamic creative capabilities and real-time optimization.

Inventory is sourced through more than 100 apps and 10 supply side platforms, with a reported 2.5 billion available impressions daily, including access to inventory from key platforms.

A collaboration with OpenAP and integration with the OpenID, meanwhile, enables brands to reach audiences powered by Walgreens first-party data as part of their television buys. Brands now have the ability to collaborate with Walgreens to execute against deterministic audiences is available now, while closed-loop measurement is scheduled to be in place by the start of the broadcast year.

“At Walgreens Advertising Group we have three principles that are core to our DNA: to help brands deliver more relevant personalized experiences, to support audience-led and channel agnostic media approaches, and to make it easy to work with us,” said Luke Kigel, VP of Walgreens integrated media and leader of WAG. “These new advanced TV capabilities are all in continuance of our principles, and will open new areas of value for our brand partners that mirror our programmatic offering.”

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