Walmart Global Tech Team To Grow 25%

The Walmart Global Tech corporate team will expand after a global hiring spree and opening of two new tech hubs.
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Walmart is hiring more than 5,000 associates globally this fiscal year it said and adding hubs in Toronto and Atlanta.

The Walmart Global Tech corporate team will grow 25% after a global hiring spree, to support the retailer’s technology innovations.

Walmart is hiring more than 5,000 associates globally this fiscal year and adding hubs in Toronto and Atlanta, two cities with formidable tech talent and strong ties to the retailer. Walmart Global Tech currently includes more than 20,000 associates.

This year, the retailer is focused on hiring cybersecurity professionals, architects, developers, software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, technical program managers and product managers. Walmart Global Tech has been on the forefront of new technology driven solutions such as the first shoppable live stream experience on Tik Tok, a virtual AI-powered fitting room and conversational shopping

Two New Tech Hubs

Walmart strategically chose Atlanta and Toronto for its newest tech hubs because of their growing tech presence, connection to Walmart and broad, diverse talent, said Suresh Kumar, EVP, chief technology officer and chief development officer, Walmart Inc.

“Walmart has a strong presence in Toronto and the city is home to 26% of Canada’s tech workforce. Each year, 25,000 students in the area graduate from STEM-related fields. We plan to make Toronto one of our major Walmart Global Tech hubs, with plans to create several hundred new tech jobs in the next 12 months – all in support of keeping local talent on Canadian soil.”

Walmart will begin with 45 full-time associates, primarily software developers, product managers and technical program managers. Walmart Canada is also investing $1 billion in technology and other areas such as refurbishing local stores.

“Atlanta is a major location for both Walmart and the cybersecurity industry, with growing strengths in software engineering, AI, machine learning and data science,” said Kumar. “The city’s talent pool is supported by strong local universities with the highest growth of tech graduates in the U.S.”

Walmart’s first hiring phase in Atlanta will include 140 new full time associate roles such as data scientists and software engineers. The new team will join more than 70,000 Walmart associates currently based in Georgia.

Walmart has posted roles on the new Atlanta and Toronto teams and will announce more in the coming months. Both teams will work virtually in the near-term and will eventually transition to a hybrid way of working.

Walmart Global Tech now has 16 hubs that span from Silicon Valley and Northwest Arkansas to Dallas and India (with the addition of Atlanta and Toronto).

Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace remains a top priority, which includes connecting with underrepresented groups like women and people of color, military community members, formerly incarcerated individuals and return to work caregivers.

“We recently re-envisioned our military and STEM partnerships to focus on skills-based pathways, and we continue teaming up with several Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs),” said Kumar. “Six months ago, Walmart became a founding member of OneTen, a coalition of major U.S. employers with a goal of hiring 1 million Black workers into family-sustaining roles over the next 10 years. Every new hire is an integral part of our Walmart Global Tech team, and we’re committed to helping new associates find opportunities for personal and professional growth.

If interested in helping Walmart build the future of retail, please visit to learn more and apply.

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