Kroger Leverages Generative AI to Optimize Third-Party Listings in Marketplace

Maia Jenkins
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kroger marketplace

Kroger is set to apply artificial intelligence in its seller marketplace, tapping generative AI to assist in dynamic pricing, content management, and market analytics solutions.

The retailer is rolling out AI-based technology, including a content management system and generative AI copy optimization, to improve the ranking criteria of SERPs and boost visibility across product detail pages for sellers on its Kroger Marketplace service.

Kroger Marketplace was launched in 2020 and provides Kroger Ship customers with an extended aisle with more than 50,000 products. The additional products are made available through third-party marketplace partners. Kroger Ship delivery service rolled out in 2018 and provides private-label and center-aisle groceries, household essentials, and bulk merchandise via third-party carriers.

Kroger Marketplace and Intelligence Node say they will work together to provide more detailed product listings and provide better insights into product performance for third-party sellers. 

"The Kroger Marketplace involves a complex matrix of elements that need to be effectively managed to deliver a seamless customer experience online,” said Michael Murphy, group VP of analytics & execution at Kroger. “From product copy and ratings to reviews and taxonomy, customers are searching out more information than ever before and providing what they need, when they need it is important. We look forward to working with Intelligence Node to deliver an amazing customer experience while empowering our sellers to improve their business performance.”  

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