Marks & Spencer and The Save Mart Jump on AI-Powered Tech Stack

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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Marks & Spencer

Two retailers are the latest to transform their tech stacks with artificial intelligence-powered capabilities. Marks & Spencer (M&S) is overhauling its store operations and customer experience, while The Save Mart is elevating consumer targeting with valuable insights and data syndication. 

Marks & Spencer is implementing the tech, which also leverages computer vision, across more than 500 stores. With AI-powered mobile devices, store associates will be able to ensure compliance of store shelves by comparing the images captured with store-specific planograms. 

By leveraging these real-time insights, Marks & Spencers will be able to deliver a more connected store experience, easily prioritizing tasks and delegating them to store associates. 

“As we reshape M&S for growth, we’re investing in technology that will create greater efficiencies and a more connected in-store experience for our customers,” said Rob Barnes, CTO, Marks & Spencer. “Our colleagues will be able to leverage AI-based technology to help them deliver an exceptional service to our customers.”

The Save Mart’s Consumer-Centric Big Data Push

Meanwhile, The Save Mart is leveraging the technology in several ways with the goal of streamlining access to data to drive deeper CPG collaboration, including personalization and promotions, shelf planning and optimization, and assortment intelligence and optimization. 

With AI-powered data, The Save Mart will be able to elevate personalization and targeted promotion strategies, zoning in on local efforts. With predictive tech, the company can more easily respond to changing customer behaviors and trends.

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“I know that the ability to gather and offer exacting customer insights to our manufacturer partners as a single source of the truth is a game changer,” said Shane Sampson, executive chairman. “It will help us be a better partner while giving our shoppers the personalized, intimate shopping experience they deserve.”

Mark Van Buskirk, SVP, merchandising and marketing, The Save Mart Companies, said the technology allows the company to create a customer-first connected view, providing actionable results so The Save Mart can “focus efforts where they matter most and make better business decisions to support our customers.”

Both retailers are working with SymphonyAI Retail CGP on these endeavors. 

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