Pacsun Crowdsources Community Innovation to Supercharge Branding Strategy

Maia Jenkins
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pacsun collective

Pacsun is taking a collaborative approach to its new campaigns and merchandising strategy, calling on the brand's community of content creators, photographers, videographers, stylists, designers, musicians, and digital artists to shape future creative directions. 

The Pacsun Collective had a hand in shaping Pacsun's Spring/ Summer 2024 Campaign, which was co-created with the brand's in-house creative team. 

These community members – ranging from stylists to photographers through to social media teams and on-set assistants – were selected by Pacsun to bring the campaign to life. “Every piece was a synergy of community involvement,” the company said in a statement. 

“With the Pacsun Collective, we have the opportunity to truly co-create and community source the future stages of the brand. We are excited to see what we can build with the diverse talents and voices that make up our incredible community,” said Brie Olson, Pacsun CEO.

The company says the collective will be integrated into future campaigns, with the intention of providing young creatives with career pathways and an opportunity to lend their talents to other facets of the brand, including store windows, events, social media, and more. 

Pacsun’s Tech-Fueled Creative Endeavors 

The apparel company has made various strides in improving its operational effectiveness, most recently overhauling its fulfillment operations through advanced inventory management and logistics technology. Last summer, the company also expanded its unified commerce offerings through the adoption of new point-of-sale technology across its 300 stores nationwide and its online store. 

Last year, Pacsun also launched its second virtual experience, Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon on Roblox after first experimenting with the technology in PacWorld – a virtual, interactive mall experience. 

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