Vivienne Westwood Boosts Personalization Capabilities

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
Lisa Johnston CGT
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Global fashion brand Vivienne Westwood has teamed with customer data platform (CDP) provider Mapp to advance its digital communication strategy while delivering personalized and targeted customer communications.

Vivienne Westwood, which has been operating for 40 years, has stores in 63 locations and an e-commerce site. It selected Mapp Cloud as its CDP and has implemented Mapp partner Eyos (formerly yReceipts) to handle its in-store digital receipts. As a result, store transactional data is feed into the solution, which in turn has a direct channel for obtaining customer opt-ins better enable personalized experiences.

The retailer is also using Mapp Cloud’s onsite behavioral tool to deliver personalized product recommendations, as well as revenue driving campaigns such as abandonment. The Mapp Intelligence solution, meanwhile, is expected to drive actionable retail insights and tailor cross-channel marketing communications accordingly. This will provide a detailed analysis of channel performance and help the company build tailored RFM models against its customer set.

Ilaria Morelli, Vivienne Westwood digital marketing manager, said the company is already seeing strong results. “We can now unify all our customer data from previously disparate sources, and with Mapp Intelligence we are getting insight-led customer data at our fingertips, which is driving business change,” she noted.

Vivienne Westwood now also has more data against its customer base, including real time web browsing, offline store purchase data and all e-commerce transactions. Furthermore, it’s been able to reduce the cost of its in-house design team and the time dedicated toward creating emails.

The company has recorded open rates of more than 38% with clickthrough rates of more than 5.8%, and it can identify nearly 1 in 3 of all visitors to the website.

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