Walmart Leverages Gen AI to Optimize Search and Customer Experience

Maia Jenkins
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Walmart is testing a number of generative AI-fueled search and shopping features. 

The retailer was an early adopter of these technologies – rolling out the Walmart GenAI Playground this summer for internal use by employees – and is now expanding its capabilities for shopper use. These include a new search tool specifically designed to understand the context of a user's search query and generate personalized responses. For instance, if a user searches for a "unicorn-themed toddler birthday party," the tool understands the sub-categories involved, eliminating the need for separate searches for items like “party decorations,” the company says. 

The retailer is also experimenting with technologies that will assist shoppers in making complex purchases, such as deciding on an age-appropriate cell phone compatible with their current wireless provider. 

Walmart is also looking into how to harness the large language models to create condensed review summaries and highlight key product features for shoppers. 

The retailer will also use AI to augment its AR-fueled View in Your Home and virtual try-on features. While the tool is still in the early stages of development, Walmart says shoppers will be able to share their budget and preferences and receive tailored recommendations generated by artificial intelligence. 

“We’re constantly searching for ways to innovate and use emerging tech to make shopping easier and meet the needs of our customers,” Walmart shared in a corporate blog post. “We’ll continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. And as we do, we will always keep our customers at the center.”

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